I UK [əˈdres] / US / US [ˈædres] noun [countable]
Word forms "address":
singular address plural addresses
1) the name of the place where you live or work, including the house or office number and the name of the street, area, and town. It may also include a set of numbers and letters, called a postcode in British English and a zip code in American English

I'll need your name and address.

He had given a false address to the police.

a) computing a series of letters, numbers, and symbols that show you where to find a particular website on the Internet

a Web address

Do you have the address of our website?

b) computing a series of letters, numbers, and symbols that you need to send someone an email message

I can send it to you by email if you give me your address.

2) UK / US [əˈdres]
a formal speech given by someone to a group of people, especially as part of an important occasion

The president is to deliver a televised address to the country.

form/mode/term of address — the name or title that you give someone when you speak or write to them

informal modes of address

II UK [əˈdres] / US verb [transitive]
Word forms "address":
present tense I/you/we/they address he/she/it addresses present participle addressing past tense addressed past participle addressed
1) to write the name and address of a particular person or organization on an envelope, parcel etc

Would you help me address these envelopes?

address something to someone:

This letter is addressed to Alice McQueen.

2) to officially tell a particular person or organization your complaints, questions, or comments
address something to someone:

All enquiries should be addressed to head office.

3) to speak publicly to a group of people

to address a meeting/conference/audience/assembly

a) formal to speak directly to someone who is with you

He turned his head to address me.

address something to someone:

Throughout the conversation, he addressed his remarks to my husband.

b) to call someone a particular name or title when you speak to them
address someone as/by something:

The prince should be addressed as "Sir" at all times.

We were all addressed by surname.

4) to try to deal with a problem or question, for example by thinking carefully about it, or by doing things to improve a situation

Governments have been slow to address the problem of global warming.

A number of issues are being addressed.

address yourself to something:

We need to address ourselves to the question of cost.

English dictionary. 2014.

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